Our Szczecin start-up was created by bartenders with over 15 years of bartending experience, who work in one of the top 5 cocktail bars in Poland – Szczecin’s 17 Schodów.

In March 2020, as a result of the pandemic, the bar was closed and guests started asking about the possibility to buy cocktails to take away. And so the question arose…

We set to work, refined our recipes, made several hundred trials and, once the pasteurisation process was switched on, we managed to bottle the first mix.

Once the recipes for the first 6 cocktails were ready, our next challenge was to find a way to deliver the mixes to our guests and preferably directly to their homes.

So together, without much experience, we set up our first webshop, which only had basic functions to start with, such as the ability to order and pay online.

We recorded our first order for 6 bottles with delivery in Szczecin on 19 October 2020 at 14:14:56

In this way, our cocktails – through a single click – entered the world of e-commerce. This solution allowed our regular visitors to purchase their favourite drinks and prepare them themselves at home.


During the pandemic, our mixes were also delivered by our bartenders working on the premises! Hence was born our slogan #YOUR OWN BARTENDER, which says that with POSHE you have the unique opportunity to invite your favourite bartender to your home.

Only with time did we realise that starting to sell our mixes on line opened us up to the whole of Poland. Now our guests are people who live in Szczecin, Warsaw, Poznan, Walbrzych, Suwalki, Grabow, Nowa Wies… because thanks to POSHE our bartenders can be invited to every house in Poland!

Since then, day after day we have been working hard to make POSHE Drinks recognized in its ever-growing fan base, who support us in making our biggest dream come true, which is:

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