our cocktails

All our mixes are prepared by hand, in a
small workshop in Szczecin, and behind the slogan “Craft
Cocktails” stands for over 15 years of experience.

why crafted?

The original recipes were created over many years by our professional bartenders who, in their search for the perfect proportions, made several hundred attempts before they managed to close the cocktail in the bottle. 

If you want to meet the creators of our cocktails, we invite you to Szczecin for a drink! Our bartenders who work at 17 Stairs Cocktail Bar will tell you how the individual flavours of our mixes were created.

100% natural ingredients

All POSHE mixes are vegan and we only use high quality fresh fruits, herbs, juices and infusions. The product is naturally preserved with sugar and then pasteurised, so it stays fresh for a long time without adding artificial preservatives and flavour enhancers.

shelf life mixes

The expiry date of each mix is 60 days from the production date shown on the label. The product should be stored in a refrigerator and, once opened, should be consumed within a maximum of 5 days.

easy preparation

There are simple instructions on each bottle of our POSHE mix.
To prepare a high quality cocktail you only need up to 250 ml glass:


Pour 40 ml of dedicated alcohol


top up with a few ice cubes


add 1/3 of the contents of the poshe bottle

in harmony with nature and your own conscience...

Our bottles are safely packed and shipped in cardboard boxes made of recycled materials. In addition, our cartons are secured with a special high-quality kraft paper tape. 

After a long search, we managed to find a company that produces a special foil labels for us, 30% of which are made from recycled materials.

All waste – be it manufacutures or offices – is separated and disposed of in the appropriate waste separation containers.

In our office, we print all the necessary materials on both sides, in black and white and on ecoligical paper. In addition, we invested in special software for electronic documents.